Current Rates

Prepay for emergency ice dam removal services.

Click on the links below to prepay for ice dam removal services. We will contact you at the email or phone number used on the paypal account to set up a time for service.

– $450 –

Steam Ice Dam Removal

Best for small roofs and ice dams.

Removal by steaming with a two-man crew. $450 is hourly rate for 1 steamer with 2 men.  Great for creating channels only and clearing gutters and downspouts (most jobs take only 1-2 hours, but will safe costly leaks inside!Price may vary depending on steep and hight charge. Two(2) Hours Minimum. Billed in 1/2 hour increments.

– $550 –

Emergency Ice Dam Removal

After 6PM Daily, Weekends and Nights.

Removal by steaming with a two-man crew. This is a Minimum Hourly Charge for Two(2) hour. Price may vary depending on hight, steep factor and volume.

– $90 –

Roof Shoveling Only

Best for large roofs and ice dam prevention.

Roof Shoveling Only. Charge per hour with a two-man crew. Price may vary depending on height, steep factor and volume. Billed in 1/2 hour increments. Four(4) Hours Minimum Charge.

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