Ice Dam Prevention

Roof Snow Removal

No snow means no ice dams.

Roof snow is an often-overlooked threat to the integrity of a home or business. Our roof snow removal service will prevent ice dams from forming while relieving the potentially destructive stress of heavy snow on your roof.

When You Should Consider Roof Snow Removal:

Your property has a history of ice damming on roof

Your roof has more than 6 inches of snow on it

You have a flat roof

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Roof Heat Cable Installation

Ice dams don’t like a hot roof.

Heat cables decrease the likelihood of ice dams and prevent damage to your property by melting snow and ice near the eves of your roof. These heat coils melt channels into ice dams, allowing water to flow off the structure instead of melting and adding to the ice dam issue.

Heat cables are a great option for properties located in shady areas or that have a history of ice dams on roof.

Our technicians will walk you through your options when it comes to installing heating cables on your roof. We have installed miles of heating cables on roofs all over the Twin Cities and we look forward to working with you next.

Attic Insulation Installation

Prevent ice dams by keeping the heat inside.

The leading cause ice dams on roofs are improperly insulated attics. Without sufficient insulation, a structure’s heat is able to escape through the roof and melt snow resting there. The resulting water eventually refreezes and creates ice damming on roof as it reaches the eves or gutters.

The best way to know if your attic is properly insulated is to contact Ice Dam Liquidators. Our expert technicians will:

Inspect your attic space to see if improper insulation or ventilation is causing ice dams on your roof

Provide you with a cost estimate for the project

Properly install insulation in your attic to help prevent future ice dams from occurring

Not only is attic insulation necessary for roof ice dam prevention, it can dramatically reduce your winter heating bills as well!