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If you can see extensive ice blocks or icicles along your roof edge, or are seeing evidence of water damage in your home – either rust stains or water stains on your ceiling, or unusual musty smells – contact us at Ice Dam Liquidators immediately. It’s likely that water has pooled up on your roof and gotten into your home and is currently causing water damage. The longer you wait, the more damage that can occur, and the most costly and inconvenient the problem can become.

At Ice Dam Liquidators, we use the safest method of ice dam removal, ice dam steaming. Our ice dam steamer is similar to a pressure washer, but uses hot water to safely steam the ice away without damaging the roof. This is a low-pressure, but high-temperature steamer. Beware of companies that just chip away the ice, which can puncture or break the shingles, which are already sensitive to the cold. We’ve got many years of experience in handling ice damming, so you can rest assured we’ll get it done right.

We’re also very experienced in working with Insurance companies. If you need to file a claim, we’ve got specialists on our team that can handle the process expertly and quickly. Our sister company is Storm Group Roofing, and we deal with storm damage claims quite frequently. We also are a HAAG certified contractor, which is a valuable credential in working with insurance companies.

At the very least, contact us today at (612) 251-6938 to set up a free estimate, and our ice dam professionals will assess the situation to make sure you avoid any costly damage.


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If you can see long icicles hanging from your gutters, or can see blocks of ice on your roof edge, you likely have an ice dam. But even if you don’t see any water damage yet, it can be a gamble to leave it to chance – there’s a high probability of that melting snow pooling behind the ice dam, and then who knows what can happen next.

What we recommend is to move forward with an ice dam removal job, and then look at your options for future prevention. The ice dam removal cost is usually only a few hundred dollars, but can be money well spent if it prevents water damage costs into the thousands of dollars.

If you already see evidence of an ice dam, it’s better to avoid the potential for costly and inconvenient water damage. Take care of the small ice dam removal cost before it becomes a small fortune out of pocket, or having to deal with insurance claims and the time involved in that process.

Once you take care of the immediate problem of the ice dam, there’s a strong chance that there will be more, so we recommend a few options for prevention. These can be relatively affordable in comparison to hiring us for removal several times per season, and as a bonus, can serve to better insulate your home against the elements – which can save you money with energy savings – always a smart investment. Those options are detailed below.


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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin. We agree with Mr. Franklin, and know that investing in preventing ice dams from forming can save you lots of money in the long run, not to mention aggravation. We know how to prevent ice dams, and save you that hassle.

What causes ice dams? There are a few methods that we employ to prevent ice dams. As mentioned above, the way that ice dams form in the first place is melting snow on the roof that collects at the edges, and re-freezes. The reason they form is because there is a temperature difference between the edge of the roof (cold) and the middle of the roof (much warmer). Ideally, you want a roof that is a uniform temperature – cold all around.

What causes a warm roof? Usually, it’s because of a warm attic. It might be against conventional wisdom to have a part of your home structure that’s nearly as cold as the outside, but having a cold attic that is well-ventilated is one of the primary ways to avoid ice dams.

And, the best way to avoid a warm attic is to seal off any warm air from your liveable rooms from entering the attic. This involves a three-fold approach:
A) Proper attic and wall insulation, with strategic placement and optimized “R-value” levels to insulate your home. This can keep your roof at ideal temperatures, as well as save you money in heating and cooling costs.

  1. B) Careful sealing of gaps in your drywall, unblocked walls, or cracks around pipes, light fixtures, or chimneys.
  2. C) Optimized ventilation – this includes your roof venting and soffit venting, so that air can freely flow under the roof and keep temperatures even throughout the entirety of your roof, and preventing ice from forming.

The good news is that not only are we experts at ice dam prevention, but our sister companies are specialists in Insulation, Roofing, Siding, and Gutters, so we know our exteriors and how to protect your home investment!

There are other methods that we use in different situations, including roof snow removal, roof heating cable, and other gutter and roof heating techniques.

Watch our short video and find out how Ice Dam Liquidators can remove and prevent dangerous ice dams.

Removing that dangerous ice dam from the roof of your home or business just got a whole lot easier thanks to Ice Dam Liquidators.

Here’s how it works:

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Contact Us for a Free Estimate

Step 1. Free Estimate

Contact Ice Dam Liquidators to receive a free estimate for the cost of removing your ice dam.

Our highly trained technicians will document even the slightest damage to provide you with an accurate cost prediction.

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Schedule Your Ice Dam Removal

Step 2. Schedule Your Ice Dam Removal

After receiving your estimate, Ice Dam Liquidators will be in touch to schedule your ice dam removal.

We will even guide you through the claims process from dealing with adjustors to filing a claim.

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Watch as We Liquidate Your Ice Dams!

Step 3. Ice Dam Removal

See that ice dam disappear before your eyes!

Using the most advanced steam heating technology, our professional technicians will remove the ice dam while leaving the rest of your property unblemished.

What is an Ice Dam?

Those dramatic icicles hanging from your roof and gutters might look nice, but they can be a sign of a big problem – an ice dam.

An ice dam can be one of the worst enemies of your home. Ice dams are extended sections of ice that form along the outer edge of your roof, near your gutters. After our Minnesota snow falls, the snow on the roof can melt for a variety of reasons – sun, a warm attic, etc. This melting snow slowly runs down your roof toward the edges, but in many cases doesn’t make it into your gutters – it just hangs near the coldest part of the roof – the roof’s edge, by your gutters – and re-freezes.

All this freezing tends to collect as ice along the edge of your roof, and as more water melts and collects behind it, and can create pools of water. We’ve seen sections of several feet of water that get backed up by this “ice dam” – sometimes up to ten feet of water. This water, with no place else to go, often seeps into the roof, into the soffits, and into your attic, which can cause expensive and unhealthy water damage to your insulation, ceilings, and drywall. This ice damming damage can result in insulation, ceiling, and drywall rot, and even mold – all of which are costly, inconvenient, and unhealthy.

This water damage can be extremely expensive and inconvenient, not to mention unsafe. Historically, insurance companies have paid millions of dollars per year to repair home damage due to ice dams. But even with an insurance claim, it still doesn’t cover the aggravation or time involved to get everything fixed.

At Ice Dam Liquidators, we’re experts at ice dam removal and ice dam prevention, and we encourage you to call us for a free assessment of your ice dam situation, before a small problem turns into a bigger and more costly complication.

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Ice Dam Liquidators is a division of Storm Group Roofing.

In addition to being experts at removing and preventing ice dams, but we also have expertise in related areas that help protect your home investment. Our Storm Group companies are specialists in Insulation, Roofing, Siding, and Gutters. We know all about exteriors and how to protect you and your home investment for maximum protection and energy efficiency.

We’re also Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy partners, and participate in various energy saving rebates. We’re certified as “Whole House Air Leakage Control Installers” by Building Performance Institute (BPI). And, we’re also a “SAAG Certified Contractor,” which allows for trusted insurance interaction should you need to file a claim.

At Ice Dam Liquidators, we know the ice dam removal Minneapolis and St. Paul residents need to be safe and free from costly water damage from ice damming. Call us today at (612) 251-6938 to set up a free estimate, and we can learn your unique home situation to give an accurate and competitive quote that prevents future ice dams and may help in energy savings.